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Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Pick & Goggles
Start Brewmaster Eisenbjorn
End Brewmaster Eisenbjorn

Quest Chain

Gunnar Klaurse

Brewmaster Eisenbjorn


Firebrew II map
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First a poncy, wine drinkin' Elf! Now, it's a mopin' manling pestering anyone what passes through the door!

Cold is he? He's never been to the Underway! The cold there is so bitter that your fingers and toes will break clean off! Poor old mum never did walk the same ...

I guess we can lend a hand to the Wizard. After all, he did come a long way to honor the bond that Sigmar and Kurgan made so long ago. Any manling what honors his ancestors is as good as a Dwarf when it comes to drinkin'.

Let's see. I'll be needin' a bit of Bitterstone. There's a special brew o' mine that Mordrin himself has given me leave t' brew for our fightin' forces, and it may be what this here manling needs to stoke his furnace.

- Brewmaster Eisenbjorn

Summary Edit

Right-click ore piles by the minecarts in Goldbrow's Lament to search for a piece of Bitterstone.

Bring it back to the Brewmaster in the Pick & Goggles pub.

Objectives Edit

Quest Notes Edit

In Progress Edit

With a sliver of Bitterstone, I'll be able to fix Gunnar there right up!

- Brewmaster Eisenbjorn

On Completion Edit

Bitterstone! It's a powerful ingredient in many Dwarf runes. If used sparingly, it's a welcome addition to a mug of barley brew on a cold evening.

I'll just add this sliver of Bitterstone, and a dash o' powdered fire drake.

Mmm, now that's the stuff! This is what we call Firebrew, here under the mountain. This stuff will even grow hair on the glabrous chest of an Elf!

- Brewmaster Eisenbjorn

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 724

External Links Edit

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