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Concept art for Finubar Seafarer.

Finubar the Seafarer is the current Phoenix King of the High Elves. He has ruled in Ulthuan since the time of the Emperor Magnus the Pious, and is largely responsible for increasing contact with the Empire and the other nations of mankind, understanding that the servants of Chaos and the Dark Elves can only be defeated if better relationships are developed between High Elves and the up and coming race of humans and softening and easing the grudges of the Dwarfs with his kind. In WAR it was Finubar that set up the Shining Guard.


Before his ascension to the throne, Finubar was the Prince of Eataine, the southern principality which holds the port of Lothern as its capitol. After Phoenix King Bel-Hathor banned humans from setting foot on Ulthuan, Finubar was sent to the Old World to see how the world had changed since the Asur had left for Ulthuan. Finubar traveled widely, making contact with the Bretonnians, the Asrai of Athel Loren, and the Empire. When Finubar returned, he argued strongly that contact with the young and growing human nations was vital for Ulthuan, that the declining High Elves needed the dynamism of the younger races, as well seeing the potential of Humans of The Empire that no elf would openly admit, and had surprisingly gained the trust of Thorgrim the Dwarf King and easing the grudge the Dwarf race has with his own, which would be critical later on with the Forces of Order. Bel-Hathor was convinced, and allowed humans free access to Lothern, which made the port city the richest in all of Ulthuan.

As Phoenix King, Finubar was responsible for making the initial alliance with the Empire during the Great War Against Chaos and for sending Teclis to establish the Colleges of Magic, and he has renewed this alliance during the so-called Age of Reckoning. While Ulthuan has prospered during his reign, it has not been an entirely peaceful one: Ulthuan has already been faced with one major invasion by Malekith that was turned back at the Battle of Finuval Plain thanks to the efforts of Tyrion and Teclis, as well as the Greenskin invasion of Grom the Paunch.

In the Age of Reckoning, Finubar has sailed east to the Empire in response to their request for aid, however this was all part of Malekith's plan; in turn, the Witch King has launched his invasion of Ulthuan, starting at the Blighted Isle. As Finubar hears word of this, he rushes back to Ulthuan with the main High Elf army, hoping that the Shining Guard and garrisons can hold the front until he returns. It will take all his wisdom and strength to defend Ulthuan from its impending downfall, but still manages to provide much aid to the Empire and Dwarf Kingdom through the Shining Guard as well keeping contact with Karl and Thorgrim.

In WAREdit

Leading the High Elf war effort in the Empire personally, Finubar can be found with the Dwarf High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer in the Emperor's Palace in Altdorf, in a room just off the throne room.

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