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This is a Bestiary Tome Unlock for Ghoul.


Kill 60 Flamepicked Ghouls at 56k, 24k in Cinderfall or Deathflame Ghouls (50k, 40k) and then speak to Rori Mailcutter, the Kill Collector at Palik Watch (Dwarf chapter 18) in Thunder Mountain.

(05/2010: Did not find any Flamepicked Ghouls anywhere in Cinderfall, though the Deathflame Ghouls did indeed count for the kill collecter. The Tome of Knowledge counted them as zombie kills...)


Kill 60 Flamepicked Ghouls or Deathflame Ghouls (50k, 40k) and then speak to the Kill Collector at Da Scrappin' Camp (chapter 18) in Thunder Mountain.

(05/2010: Found them at 54k, 43k. As you kill them the ghouls are being counted as Zombies but unlock a Ghoul tome entry.)


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