Filth Slaughter

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Filth Slaughter

Tier 1 Order Kill Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Goldbrow's Lament
End Grimilda Mughammer


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Filth Slaughter is the kill quest for chapter 1 of the Dwarf WAR story, Assault on Bitterstone Mine. The kill collector for this quest is Grimilda Mughammer, who can be found in Goldbrow's Lament, part of the Bitterstone Mine in the zone of Ekrund.

Summary Edit

Defeat up to 60 Ravenous Squigs infesting Goldbrow's Lament. As you defeat them, check in with Grimilda Mughammer to be rewarded for your efforts.

Objectives Edit

On Completion Edit

Aye, I saw a Squig or two fall at yer feet. You'll get credit for that. But if you want the kind of credit ol' Dorrin Copperbrow boasts of back in the Anvil Keg pub, then yer goin' to have to get to cuttin' down a few more of 'em filthy bags.

Kill some more!

- Grimilda Mughammer

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 82 per kill

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