Farmer Nadezhda

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Farmer Nadezhda Location: Kraussner's Garrison (Ostland (53140, 1331))

"Ostland's become filled with all manner of filth, like them Shadow bandits what have taken up near Shadow Lake. Shameful curs the whole lot of 'em, stealing bread from the folks that ain't got anything else in the world! Someone oughta Put 'em out of our mizery!"

Number of Shadow Bandits needed: 60
Location of Shadow Bandits: 50k, 25k
Reward for killing Bandits: 152xp each at turn-in

Farmer Nadezhda is the Empire Chapter 7 Kill Collector, and holds the Kill Quest, Expunging the Shadows. He is located at the Kraussner's Garrison camp in Ostland and can be found at the coordinates 53k, 2k.

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