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The Far Sea is a large ocean analogous to the Pacific Ocean between Cathay, Khuresh and the west coast of Naggaroth. Nippon and the Isles of Ethlis are in this ocean, as are the Sulpheret Islands, Turtle Isles and Broken Lands. The Far Sea joins the Sea of Dread at the Gates of Caliph (two points of the southern tip of Khuresh and the northern tip of the Southern Chaos Wastes); and the Great Ocean at the southern tip of Lustria.


  • The Witch Sea is an inlet from the Far Sea on Naggaroth's western coast.
  • The Boiling Sea is the body of water between the west coast of Naggaroth and the Broken Lands.
  • The Underworld Sea is a vast labyrinth of dangerous water-filled caverns which honeycomb the land under Naggaroth's Blackspine Mountains and provide a route from the Sea of Malice to the Witch Sea.

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