Far From Home II

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Far From Home II

Order PvE Quest
Zone Altdorf
Start Svengi Grumhammer
End Modi Sturmson
Previous Far From Home I
Next Far From Home III


Far From Home II map
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"You're lookin' for young Modi? He's been working with the manling troops here, leadin' squads of men and Dwarfs. Been doin' good work getting people t' work together."

"I haven't seen him 'round much lately, though. I hear the last skirmish went poorly, an' he was brought back here to recover. I think he's holed up in a house nearby, nursin' his wounds. Might want to pound on his door, if you're meanin' to get his attention."

- Svengi Grumhammer

Far From Home II is an Order Quest that is unique to Bitter Rivals, and begins in the city of Altdorf. It plays a key roll in the Event's Daily Tasks.

Particulars Edit

  • Use the Dwarf Doorknocker at Modi Sturmson's door to get his attention, then speak to him about the king's delivery.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

"I think he's in the building just southeast of here."

- Svengi Grumhammer

Completion Text Edit

"An ale from the King, in recognition of my duties? I might have deserved that, once."

- Modi Sturmson

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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