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Family Heirloom
Quest Item
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Family Heirloom is a Tier 2 Quest Item that begins a short quest in the zone of Barak Varr. This locket once belonged to a member of one of several Dwarf clans killed in a recent attack by Beastmen. It should be able to help identify some of those lost during the slaughter.

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'Family Heirloom' is obtained by defeating 'Korgoth Raiders,' Gors that can be found in the area of the Korgoth's Raiders Public Quest, in southern Barak Weald. It appears in a player's quest inventory automatically once dropped upon a Raider's defeat.

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Quests Edit

The pick is quite heavy and extremely ornate. You've never seen anything like this.

- Quest Completion Text: Chasing Oathgold VII

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