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This is a Bestiary Tome Unlock for Wolf.


Kill Reik Wolves and collect 5 Fine Wolf Pelt and then talk to Multan The Huntsman at Krueznach in Reikland at 8.9k, 35k. The Wolves can be found from 9k, 29.5k to 6k,51k Reikland along both sides of the main road.

Note: Only a Reik Wolf or Lynsk Wolf will drop it, Reik Howlers will not.

Reik Wolf

Note. Has a drop rate of about 0.4%, lower for Lynsk wolves. Extremely low drop rate.

Note 7/8/2009: have killed 628 Reik Wolves in last four days without a single 'Fine Wolf Pelt' drop. Beginning to wonder if this is broken or just a high rate of bad luck. Arcades (Gorfang (O))

Note 10/02/2010: I stumbled on additional wolves at 32.5, 17.4 in West Praag, next to the hound unlock... over a period of 8 days working 4 to 7 hours a day i got 16 drops of the "Fine Wolf Pelt". Also right behind you at that location is a Great Cat unlock that is NOT a 100% drop rate.

  • Best Spot ever for "Fine Wolf Pelts". Thanks :)

may/2012 - Turn in for at for Order in CH 15 does NOT accept or unlock this entry.


06-08-2012 West Praag, Destro side, and kill Lynsk wolves, not howlers as they don't drop the fine pelt.

I've got finaly 5 drops but haven't found which NPC to turn them into for the unlock.

a suivre ...

15/10/2012 I killed 200 Lynsk Wolves and no drop. I have total killed 1500 of them since launch and no drop ever.


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