Eyes of Shadow III

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Eyes of Shadow III

Tier 1 Order Travel Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Haladhrel Sternbrow
End Larienth Spearsong
Previous Eyes of Shadow II


Eyes of Shadow III map
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Morithwen and her forces have moved south into the Blightsward, {name}. You had best reach them before Liraenor does something ill-advised! Speak with Larienth Spearsong, for she would understand the gravity of the situation, and will help convince Liraenor.

Particulars Edit

  • Travel south to Blightsward and relay the intentions of the Dark Elves to Larienth Spearsong.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to Larienth Spearsong

In-Progress Text Edit

We must speak to Larineth so that she may stop Liraenor and Morithwen from acting brashly!

Completion Text Edit

A report from our Shadow Warriors? Let me read it.

Hmm. He speaks of attacks from the beaches to the east, as well as from the north! The Dark Elves are making for the Swale ...

I agree, this is much more than one of their ordinary raids, but what could they possibly be looking for? Why the Blighted Isle? We must determine what they seek before they find it!

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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