Eyes of Shadow I

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Eyes of Shadow I

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Norsael Truebow
End Arremar Swiftblade
Next Eyes of Shadow II


Eyes of Shadow I map
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This is no normal raid, {career}. The Dark Elves swarm over the Blighted Isle like a plague, destroying and pillaging that which we have sworn to protect. Our Shadow Warriors are watching their movements between the Swale and the beach, trying to reason out the meaning of this ferocious attack.

Find out what they have seen, and relay that information further south. There is much that must be done to ready the defenses here. We will fight our tainted kin to the last to preserve out homeland!

Particulars Edit

  • Travel southeast to the rivulets between the Swale of Miralei and the beach. Speak to Arremar Swiftblade.

Objectives Edit

  • Arremar Swiftblade

In-Progress Text Edit

You must find out what Swiftblade has seen, {name}!

Completion Text Edit

Keep your voice low, for the enemy surrounds us. I know the urge to strike out is compelling; I feel it as well, but we must bide our time and learn their strategy. Once we know their aims, we will use that knowledge to thwart whatever dark plan they have set in motion.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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