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Experience points are the primary reward for adventuring in WAR, and thus the primary means of advancement. Whenever a player kills an enemy (be it a player or NPC mob) or completes a quest, as well as when they complete objectives and unlocks in the Tome of Knowledge; they are rewarded with experience points. Experience points represents a character becoming more experienced (and more powerful) as they achieve more in the game world. After acquiring a certain amount of experience, the character advances a rank and may gain new abilities and become stronger in his/her career.

Experience gain can be increased through the rested XP mechanic. Whenever you log out, your rested XP bar will begin to fill up up to one and a half times the XP needed to complete your current level. The rate at which it fills up depends on your level and where you log out:

  • +150% faster when logging out at guild leader's room of a guildhall
  • +100% faster when logging out at capital city
  • +50% faster when logging out in a friendly warcamp or chapter hub
  • Normal rate elsewhere

The fill rate will be slower at higher levels than at lower levels.

As you defeat monsters or players, your experience is Tripled until the rested XP bar is depleted.

Experience points are often abbreviated as XP or EXP.

See also: List of XP Points needed for each Rank

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