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Window Label Button Example:Edit

The following is the example of a window that has a label and a button. This example was posted on the previous wiki compliments of Medikage. To view this example copy the code into 3 separate files and place them into a folder called HelloWorldGui. Then take the HelloWorldGui folder and place it in the Warhammer addon folder.

Mod File: Save as HelloWorldGui.mod

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ModuleFile xmlns:xsi="">
    <UiMod name="HelloWorldGui" version="1.0" date="01/10/2009" >
        <Author name="medikage" email="" />
        <Description text="Demonstrates how to create a window that will display some text and a button turn itself off" />
        <VersionSettings gameVersion="1.3.3" windowsVersion="1.0"/>
      <Dependency name="EASystem_WindowUtils" />
      <Dependency name="LibSlash" />
            <File name="HelloWorldGui.lua" />
      <File name="HelloWorldGui.xml" />
            <CallFunction name="HelloWorldGui.Initialise" />

Lua file: Save as HelloWorldGui.lua

HelloWorldGui = {}
function HelloWorldGui.Initialise()
   -- Register the slash command.  Now when the user types "/helloworld" the HelloWorld.Slash 
   -- function will be actioned. 
   LibSlash.RegisterSlashCmd("helloworld", HelloWorldGui.Slash)

   -- Create the window and then hide it.  
   CreateWindow("HelloWorldGui", true)
   WindowSetShowing("HelloWorldGui", false)

   -- Apply text to the label and button so they are not blank.
   LabelSetText("HelloWorldGuiLabel", L"Hello, World!")
   ButtonSetText("HelloWorldGuiButton", L"Close")

   -- Register the window with the LayoutEditor so that it can be moved and resized via the 
   -- Settings/Layout Editor screen. Note: You will need to have the SaveSettings="true" option 
   -- set in the <Window> XML tag if you want these changes to persist beyond game closure.
   LayoutEditor.RegisterWindow ( "HelloWorldGui"             -- Window Name
                               , L"HelloWorldGui"            -- Window Display Name
                               , L"GUI Demonstration Window" -- Window Description
                               , false                       -- Allow Size Width
                               , false                       -- Allow Size Height
                               , true                        -- Allow Hiding
                               , nil                         -- Allowable Anchor List

function HelloWorldGui.CloseWindow()
   --When the button is clicked, hide the HelloWorldGui window.

function HelloWorldGui.Slash()
   --When the user types "/helloworld", show the HelloWorldGui window

XML File: Save as HelloWorldGui.xml

<Interface xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../Interface.xsd">
    <Script file="HelloWorldGui.lua" />
<Window name="HelloWorldGui" inherits="EA_Window_Default" layer="secondary" movable="true" savesettings="false">
        <AbsPoint x="280" y="150"/>
        <Anchor point = "center" relativePoint = "center"/>
<Window name="$parentBackground" inherits="EA_Window_DefaultBackgroundFrame" handleinput="true" >
            <Anchor point="topleft" relativePoint="topleft" relativeTo="$parent" />
            <Anchor point="bottomright" relativePoint="bottomright" relativeTo="$parent"/>
<Label name="$parentLabel" font="font_chat_text" textalign="center">          
          <Size><AbsPoint x="200" y="40" /></Size>
            <Anchor point="topleft" relativePoint="topleft" relativeTo="$parent">
<AbsPoint x = "40" y = "40"/>
<Color r="255" g="204" b="102" />
<Button name="$parentButton" inherits="EA_Button_DefaultResizeable" textalign="center">
            <Anchor point="bottom" relativePoint="bottom" relativeTo="$parent">
              <AbsPoint x = "" y = "-20"/>
            <EventHandler event="OnLButtonUp" function="HelloWorldGui.CloseWindow"/>

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