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The Everqueen of Ulthuan is the consort of the Phoenix King and co-ruler of the High Elves. The current Everqueen is Alarielle, chosen by Finubar Seafarer at the start of his reign. Unlike the Phoenix King the Everqueen is not an elected position but is hereditary, and is such is for life, meaning that it is theoretically possible for an Everqueen to last through multiple Phoenix Kings. But it is also worth noting that only the legitimate daughter of an Everqueen and a Phoenix King can be an Everqueen meaning that the queen of Avelorn has always been the queen of Ulthuan stretching back to the dawn of the High Elven empire and beyond.

The Everqueen acts as a foil to the Phoenix King both culturally and politically. Her concerns deal with the spiritual and cultural welfare of the High Elves, focusing on domestic issues like art, religion, or fertility. Much of her position is ceremonial in nature, as the Everqueen often performs ancient rites to ensure the health of Ulthuan. She's also a powerful mage being the high priestess of the elven mother goddesss; Isha. Unlike other magic-users in the Warhammer World however, her power deals with healing and purity, harkening back to a time when the elves used their magic for creation instead of war when Chaos was only a whisper. As a living memory of this lost utopia, the Everqueen's touch alone can banish daemons.

The Everqueen is guarded by her handpicked guards the Maiden Guard to protect and advise her. They are her most trusted guards and advisors. They number 100 strong and are some of the most gifted and beautiful beings in Ulthuan skilled in the arts of peace and war.

Upon ascension to the throne, the Phoenix King is betrothed to the Everqueen for a ritual marriage lasting one year, after which they are both free to hold separate courts and take new consorts. While Aenarion, the first king, was deeply in love with his Everqueen, it has not been uncommon for later kings to choose an Everqueen for political reasons.

Past Everqueens, in chronological order.

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