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Tchar'zanek is the leader of Chaos in WAR, however he is not an Everchosen as he follows only Tzeentch.

The Everchosen of Chaos is the highest position attainable by a Chaos Champion. The Everchosen is the unquestioned leader of the World's chaos forces and is typically a Champion of Chaos Undivided whom the four Chaos Gods, Tzeentch, Khorne, Nurgle and Slaanesh have united behind. The Everchosen typically is marked with the Mark of the Chosen One, which is obtained by visiting the Altar of Ultimate Darkness in the far north of Naggaroth.


Notable Everchosen in chronological order:

  • Morkar, The Uniter was the first Everchosen slain by Aenarion. Games Workshop have also stated conflictingly that he was the Everchosen slain by Sigmar, almost 4500 years after the time of Aenarion. Obviously both these Everchosen cannot be the same individual.
  • Vangael was killed in battle against Gromrir Goldfist. Vangael bound the greater daemon known as U'zuhl to the magical sword of the everchosen, The Slayer of Kings.
  • Khaardun the Gloried Posessed by Be'lakor, his body crushed under the stress of holding the mighty Daemon Prince.
  • Asavar Kul the Annointed was the Everchosen who attacked the Old World around 2300 IC and was slain by Magnus the Pious.
  • Archaon, Lord of the End Times is the current Everchosen, he does not appear in WAR as the game follows a different timeline and the developers did not wish to detract from Tchar'zanek.

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