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Ereth Khial is the supreme Goddess of the underworld and second in power to Asuryan. In the days before the Everqueen, Ereth Khial attempted to seduce Asuryan and when he resisted her, She flew into a rage and stole the souls of the Elves and imprisoned them in a Black pit, known as Mirai. It is said if ever Ereth Khial is so angered again, She will raise the dead, who will outnumber the living and eat them.

Ereth Khial's most feared servants are the Rephallim - invisible wraith-creatures who lead souls to the underworld and keep them imprisoned there. Worshippers of Ereth Khial hide themselves amidst Naggaroth and Ulthuan society. They perform vile ceremonies entreating their goddess to send the wicked Rephallim to snatch away important High Elf counselors, Dark Elf Lords, military leaders and mages. They summon the avatars of Ereth Khial with dark rites and set them upon their foes using the target's hair or blood, or treasured items stolen from the victim's home.

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