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Second only to Marienburg as a trading port for the northern Old World, Erengrad sits at the mouth of the River Lynsk, and is the Kislevite city most likely to be visited and populated by other Old Worlders. Its quays see ships and crews from as far afield as Magritta in Estalia and L'Anguille in Bretonnia, rubbing shoulders with the more familiar faces of Norscan traders, bringing cargoes of whale oil, narwhal ivory, tar and smoked fish across the Sea of Claws. The mouth of the Lynsk provide Erengrad with a warmer lagoon, protecting and sheltering the city from the icy waters of the Sea of Claws and the Winds of Chaos from the north. An island in the middle of the lagoon provides the principal docks; joined to Erengrad proper with a wooden bridge, sunk into the lagoon bed with massive piles.

Erengrad's architecture is low, few buildings save temples rise more than two storeys. Its walls are mostly wooden, with a great bronze gate set facing the south-east, where the road to Middenheim begins.

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