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Engineers are mean fighters, they can contribute a lot in RvR; like all classes it depends on how you like to play them.

So a quick scan of the Engineer Mastery paths should give you the idea that:

Focused on AoE damage but the catch is you have to get a little closer to the action.
Focus on 1v1 damage, basically you pick a guy and you hammer him with your Rifle until he bleeds; this has the advantage of you being further away from any Tank rush but again you're only hitting one guy.
Your gadgets, like Turrets and Land Mines, become more effective.

RvR GrenadierEdit

This guy likes to play it messy, like I said he's always close to the action so he must be quick. Using Acid Bomb then Fragmentation Grenade is your best tool, especially when large groups of melee are fighting you drop those two AoE's and watch the damage tick. Turrets are part of an Engineer's DPS and as a Grenadier your Bombardment Turret should come in handy as the Acid bomb debuffs the enemy by lowering their Corporeal resistance and Bombardment Turrets cause Corporeal damage.

Grenadiers can also sneak to the enemy's flank and shut down healers using Flashbang Grenades then unloading fire bombs. Of course you can't expect your enemy to be static they also have ways to counter your threats so setting up the field is critical, deploying Land Mine can always help you defend against melee rushers. Concussion Grenade is extremely useful when you are being rushed by a tank as you hurl him away with time for you to fade into the crowd or drop some more DoT's on him.

So always move fast and keep looking for ways for your enemy can reach you and block them. Grenadiers are very effective but should always be active and dynamic.

RvR RiflemanEdit

RvR TinkererEdit

Advanced GuideEdit

The following guide is old any certainly outdated in some aspects. Since I'm not an engineer player, I won't touch it and just let the warning stand here.

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Once again it's Sebtheripper with the second more advanced portion of the engineer PVP guide.I ask once more that if any T4 engineer happens to walk past this please edit in some new strategies or tips/tactics you may have. also I must add that this guide is primarily orientated to Rifleman and grenadier specced Engineers so Tinkerer spec tactics would be mightily appreciated!

Small Table of very useful items/abilitiesEdit

Shield potions (create barriers that absorb certain amounts of damage for various time periods or until the damage limit is exceeded): Useful against all enemies, mainly DPS and DOK

[list][*]Ballistic potions (improves ranged damage): No more needs to be said....[*]Stopping Power Career Tactic (Gives hipshot a small knockback): Almost completely necessary (or very helpful) for most of my strategies for kiting[*]Health potions (Do i really need to explain?):useful in all fights but especially against DPS and healers(and tanks if it turns into an endurance fight).[*]Reliable backup(only if going in a group/warband/scenario): Let's be honest, some of my strategies for tanks rely on your group, so if you want to try the backstabbing approach for the Chosen (for example) make sure your group is actually hitting him or his healer.[/list]

Well like the basic guide, let's start with melee DPS and tanks shall we?



The badass tank dressed in spikes and runes, usually chopping off someone's limbs (hopefully not yours!). These guys are quite tough, and if played right can be a force to reckoned with. Their auras can weaken and hinder your group and a lot of their other buffs and debuffs will make life difficult for any class (however since their range is rather limited you should be safe if you keep a distance).
Keep a BIG distance between you at all times. Chosen can do a decent amount of damage (especially with a two handed weapon) and their magic attacks are a life stealer as well. Try to engage one with his back turned or while he's busy fighting someone else(before doing so set up a gun turret). This should give you enough time to chain off at least 3 or 4 shots(use charged ones first, then finish with instant blasts like Hip Shot or Blunderbluss) before he either notices you or gets involved in another fight. Try to take down Chosen at a long distance with sneak attacks (it may seem cowardly but your survival is better than standing out in the open in front of him taking potshots) and if they do notice you, get ready to knockback and run. Use hip shot when they get within its firing distance and then start shooting. When they get within 10 feet of you, either use a snare, Morale 1 (hopefully you have built it up by now, knockback immunity will still be on them so it will only take health),any disarm abilities or just use flee to escape (for now). If they continue to pursue then use either knockbacks or land mine and blast away. Try to keep near your turret (if you set one up) so it can wear away at his health while you distract him. If they are able to start meleeing you and you cant use knockbacks or snares, use flashbang Grenade or Disarm.It will take away their current attack and hopefully save your life.Apart from all this i generally recommend looking if he has a healer, and try having backup while you fight him (get an Ironbreaker or tough tank to pound him down while you snipe him to death, my friend and I tried this in Komar Gap (i think it was Komar, not too sure) and we managed to take down 1 sorcs,2 choppas and 1 Chosen before we went off to do a quest.

Black OrcsEdit

He's tough, he's green and he uses Dance Dance Revolution to fight (just like the Swordmaster! are pretty tough tanks and they can do damage quite quickly and painfully with their combos. However that can be their weakness. Most of their attacks are part of their 1,2,3 combo mechanic which can be disrupted easily. Use my previous tank idea, stay far away and shoot him from behind while trying to knockback/stun/root/disarm him as much as possible. However if they get too close you have new ways of getting by. Flashbang grenade and any attack that disrupts enemy actions are your friends in this fight.If you disrupt his combo, he will have to restart, giving you ample time to snare,knockback, activate buffs or health potions, or run the hell away. In a a BO fight disrupt and knockback while save your life.


OH HELL YEAH! My favorite evil tank but also a very tough opponent, They can essentially dismember you very quickly, so be careful. If you see a red globe go around them, its Shield of Hate, which absorbs a certain amount of damage, so GET RID OF IT ASAP! Remember that they gain Hate (career mechanic that gives access to powerful moves/buffs, and boosts some normal ones) by either damaging someone or receiving damage. Either way do not get near them. The other tanks can be dealt with in melee but a BG can easily kill you in 10 seconds with enough Hate. If you face one, try to be in a group or if solo be in a raised area thats hard to get to quickly ( mountains or hills preferably, as tanks cannot move quickly on flat land, let alone steep hills) and shoot them down with as many high damage or knockback moves as possible. If possible, hit them with DOT's and grenades to weaken them on the way and lay Land mines in between you (even when he has immunity to knockback/knockdown they can do damage). Like the Black orc use Flashbang to disrupt attacks OR hide behind pillars/trees/enivronment stuff to disrupt Line of sight to prevent him from being able to attack you (I SERIOUSLY recommend using a turret for this fight as you will spend a lot of it running or trying to overwhelm him with gunfire)

Melee DPSEdit

Ah, most of the time these are the guys and girls that slice us Ranged fighters up ruthlessly.

Witch ElfEdit

Goths in bikinis carrying stilletos! But unfortunately they don't stab themselves. They stab us.... They are very fast and can turn invisible so if she sees you and starts the fight you have a very bad start.If you can, always keep DOT's on them so that they can't turn invisible in the fight (damage prevents them from doing it, so constant damage is your buddy) and always keep away from her. Like the Witch hunter she has a point based mechanic, they use attacks to build up special points (hers is called Blood Lust) which are used in powerful finishing moves called Executions. Essentially they begin by slicing and dicng you with builder moves then trying to finish you off or severly weaken you with Finishers. If you manage to cath her off guard start shooting at a distance and let her come to you ( dont let her turn invisible though!!) and when she is within 5 feet snare her with Barbed wire and run. Barbed wire lasts about 10 seconds with a 50% chance of it breaking eveytime she is hurt (so although turrets will damage her, they might let her out early so be careful) and when you are a good distance away start shooting. When the snare runs out or breaks keep shooting and wait till she gets within 20 feet and hit her with hip shot to knock her back(if you have the disarming ability, USE IT) and keep on firing. If you have the time lay a land mine at your feet to prepare some damage (and maybe knockdown) if she gets too close. Apart from this just try to do lots of damage to overwhelm her health bar (not that big by the way, they cant take too much damage),avoid her finishers and prevent her invisibility.


Built to take down healers and Ranged damage dealers in seconds and severly injure tanks, they actually arent too much of a threat as it all depends on their specialisation. If they are dual wielding then they are usually either DPS specced or AoE specced meaning they use their rage mechanic to its maximum capacity (letting their attacks do much more damage but also lowering their defenses drastically) and if they have a great axe they will be tank specced(only letting rage build to small amounts to unleash big attacks, very tough) or (rarely) AOE specced. If they are dual wielding they will either be killed in seconds by your group (unless they have a healer, but 2 healers will be more necessary to keep up with the damage they take so even if they are getting healed no biggie) or you can easily shoot them down to half health before they get close enough for you to knockback and finish off with a clean kill. The tank specced are a LOT tougher and in some cases can be tougher than tanks (especially if they have heals on them, they can kill a lot of people before going down) so just treat them like faster BlackGuards and try to sneakily overwhelm them in a one on one and use snares and knockbacks to weaken them (their rage will keep on building if they dont use any moves on you) and lower thier guard until finally you can bomb and shoot them to bits. Mainly though engage them at a distance at all times and if in a group stay behind the BUT DO NOT CLUSTER TOGETHER as a choppa's AOE will damage you if you are near to anyone taking damage from him.  Also if you have disarm, use it as it will make them useless and essentially a walking shooting dummy)


The shapeshifting vikings of Chaos! These guys are (in my opinion) the second deadliest melee DPS class after Witch Elves and can be quite a handful. However their mechanic has no flaws to exploit so it all comes down to shooting him before he gets to you. Use plenty of grenades,disarms, disrupts and snares in this fight, using knockbacks to set up combos of grenades/shots. Also I didn't mention this before but USE knockbacks to shove people into danger (some levels have cliffs or lava, and Nordenwatch has water which can slow you down considerably) because marauders go down relatively quickly but they can do a lot of damage so if you underestimate them you're going to find yourself staring at the respawn button.

Ranged Damage Dealers(DPS)Edit

These guys are your opposite and have pretty much the same moves as you do (with their own unique twists on them)


Chaos' answer to the engineer, he/she surfs on a disc all day and uses summoned Horrors instead of turrets and magic instead of guns/bombs/gadgets. My advice is to stay at medium range to be able to shoot them and bomb them but DO NOT go in for close range combat. Magus have short range attacks that can hurt you quite well and they also have snares and their own version of a land mine (its called Demonic something...looks like a giant grey pimple or alien egg). Try to engage them at a distance as the aren't very tough (you can kill them relatively easily) and shoot them before they manage to see you. If they have a horror near them/summoned then see who it attacks. Is it attacking certain targets methodically or shooting at random? If methodical they are most likely on Passive or defensive, defending their master or shooting who he/she tells them to. If they shoot at random then they are on aggressive, leaving the Magus unprotected....Magus often try to close the gap between you to summon Horrors at a closer range and use damaging spells and DOT's with a shorter range. Use knockbacks and disrupts to prevent them from summoning Horrors and essentially outlast them. The magus (in my opinion and in most of my fights) seem to favor longer fights as their damage builds up to become amazing (ie slowly poking you to death) while we tend to go all out and shoot the crap out of people in a short time (burst or spike damage) so try to end a fight quickly. If you can't prevent them from summoning a Horror, focus on the Magus with a turret summoned. Try to kill him/her before their horror kills you. The horror (like your turret) dies when the master does so don't panic and fight the Horror while he pokes you to death. In a lot of my class tips i recommend shooting from behind. This helps with all classes but isn't that necessary with a magus as you can essentially do more damage in a shorter period of time.

Squig HerdersEdit

The most irritating class EVER in my opinion...They do huge amounts of damage with arrows while their pets do damamge as well. I hear you ask, "So? That's what we do..". But the problem is, their pets are independent,give them a buff depending on which one is summoned(extra range, extra defence, etc) ,can move (RUN actually) and have a variety of ways of ruining your life. Squigs will chase you across the battlefield whereas turrets and Horrors cannot. They also have no range limit (for sending them i mean) as you can be halfway across the field when a SH sees you and sends his little minion to kill you in a different way. The different squigs can headbutt,bite,shoot gas, shoot spikes, selfdestruct or become HUGE to become a suit of armour for the master to control. Honestly all i can say is focus on the herder and try to shoot him down before his squig gets you. SH's are a stealthy class (being smaller than dwarves!) and if you let them run around unnoticed they can turn the tide of battle pretty easily with tactics (sending squigs to healers,etc). They can be tough to fight because of their huge damage but you have more utility such as bombs and gadgets which can turn the tide quite well by knocking them back(don't do this too much, they have a longer range when they have a certain squig out) shooting them while in the air or trying to run and gun(they can shoot while moving.....) and trying to essentially outshoot them. You have more instant attacks (blunderbluss,hip shot etc) that can be useful as well as your disrupt and disabling shot (it takes away their weapon for 10 seconds, VERY USEFUL) as they not only have bows but a spear (they can do some damage in melee, like you)


One of the ranged classes in WAR that can do LOTS of damage quickly  (essentially an evil Bright Wizard who uses darkness and ice instead of fire and light). These guys and girls are very powerful when used well (like BW's) and can dominate a battlefield. They can use snares at long range (a prison of ice spikes), powerful direct damage and DOT's and great AOE attacks at close range (even with the nerf its still good). So you may be thinking, how do i kill these uberplayers? Very easily actually...They are VERY, VERY weak. They can be killed by a tank or melee DPS in 3-5 hits (in about 5 seconds) and even with engineers they can't take much punishment.Their mechanic (the more spells they use builds up a Dark Magic meter from 1 to 100 which increases damage and critical hit chance but also the chance of receiving a backlash (instead of using the spell it blows up in their face, damaging them) which can take out a chunk of their health (depending how much was built up) easily. Depending on how they play determines the risk of them blowing up(if they use mainly direct damage its a medium chance,DOT's is low and close range AOE is high) .So just shoot them continuously, disrupt their building spells, try to make them overload and explode and essentially blast them all the way to Hell (i mean the respawn button....)


Well it's time to wrap up and end with the shooting targets..I MEAN healers (I'm only joking, i myself roll a healer as an alt and I respect anyone who can pull off the job well)

Disciple Of KhaineEdit

Well they cut themselves and do weird dances but they can heal VERY well. Like Warrior priests they get their healing ability from a secondary energy pool (Priests have Righteous Fury, DOK's have Soul Essence) which is refilled by melee combat and some spells. Essentially this means that they are melee healers so you'll often see them on the front lines with Melee DPS slashing your teamates so he/she can heal his/hers. Dok's are quite hard to kill as they can tank you (like Priests) by slashing you up and healing themselves leaving you at a disadvantage. In a group fight you have varying odds (if you can seperate him/her from their group you can solo them out and begin to kill them, but usually they have a person helping them ie a Chosen) but 1 vs 1 you have pretty good chances. If you meet face to face treat them like a Witch Elf or Choppa, DO NOT LET THEM NEAR YOU at any time as if they manage to slash you they can heal themselves and damage you. Keep on using snares and knockbacks (definately use a turret for this fight) and try to keep them at around 60% for the first parts of the fight ( let them waste their Soul Essence healing the damage) and when they run out just end it with flashbangs, concussion greandes and plenty of shots. If you have the apothecary skill or know someone who does, ask them to make a shield potion for you (i can't recall the recipe at the moment, but you can make some pretty decent shield potions but if i remember correctly you need to have grown the main ingredient with Cultivation) as these potions are VERy useful for DOK fights and fights against all sorts of other enemies.


Very tough whether you fight them in a group or solo.I mentioned earlier that I roll a healer alt, I roll an Archmage (the Order version of the shaman) and its a really good class as you can do decent to quite good amounts of damage and the healing is off the wall! The class mechanic allows you to build up powerful damage spells while healing or huge heals while laying the magical smackdown on your foes. Essentially the shaman is a great group healer and can be quite a tough cookie to crunch. Their healing spells can keep them alive for a long time and their DOT's, debuffs and Direct Damage spells can take their toll. However like the Black Orc the shaman and archmage have a flaw. Even with the healing mechanic making spells cast faster (or being instant) a lot of their spells require charging (which is easy to see, the AM lights up like a christmas tree and the shaman starts to glow green or wave his stick) meaning you can use the ever useful method of lobbing a flashbang in his face to disrupt his heal. For the shaman stay medium to close range to not only shoot him and disrupt his spells, but also use grenades (try not to use knockback if you can help it, it might give them space and time to cast a quick heal) and if necessary go up close and personal to whack him around with your spanner (their melee is just the autoattack which is hardly going to hurt you) and it will also disrupt his spells and heals a lot more regularly.If in a group let the melee fighters go up to make him waste his energy and heals and then just shoot him to death.


Last but not least the "Surfin Bird" of Warhammer ( i mean they're cool and all but they really look more like pidgeons than ravens sometimes). These guys use just pure Action points with no mehchanic to boost it. Their only mechanic is laying down AOE buffs/debuffs called rituals and essentially they highly remind me of World of Warcraft healbots (I don't mean to disrespect them but they either specialise in single target damage and group heals, slow DOT's damage and DOT heals or HUGE AOE heals and damage that affects a wide area but doesnt do that much damage or healing.)They can also give "marks" like Rune priests which gives people extra ranged abilities as well as buffs) Essentially they can do quick amounts of damage/healing so just make them waste their action points by starting out with burst damage to make them self heal (not considering if this is a group fight where they might already be exhausted) and then quickly but constantly hit them with powerful attacks, landmines(NO KNOCKBACKS,ONLY KNOCKDOWNS) and grenades to make them burn out (even if they do start to regain AP, they won't be able to use it at this point).

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