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Introduction Hi my name is Sebtheripper and I currently have been playing Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning
since January or February 2009. I really like Warhammer and wanted to help expand the Engineer section, particularly in PVP and scenarios.
At the moment, today being 9/9/09 I have a level 21 Engineer on the Karack Eight peaks EU server under the name of Sebh. I realise I'm barely in Tier 3 but nonetheless I would like to help and hope other higher level engi's will also expand this page with tips and tactics for Tier 4. First off i would like to give some general, vague tips on class types and how to avoid/defeat them in PVP. My first tip? USE TURRETS WHENEVER YOU CAN.They boost damage and can help you with crowd control or extra enemies.

Melee classes (tanks and DPS)Edit

(HINT) If you have the tactic "Stopping Power"(adds knockback to the ability Hip Shot) purchased or can purchase it, equip it for at least t2 and t3.It has saved me from tanks and melee so many times its untrue. For tanks, try to stay at a distance for as long as possible, using various shots to see if you can outdamage their heals/buffs( if they have any on them from a healer) and:

  • if they have no healer on them, TAKE THEM OUT! Tanks can be a pain to long range damage dealers (even though engi's are quite tough) and healers if they manage to get close. Shoot them down as fast as you can and if they start to get within striking distance, use Hip shot/ a knockback to get some breathing room or alternaely use land mine to make them fall face first and shoot them while they're down. Use grenades to finish the enemy with them, for some DOT's or general damage/being a pain in the neck.
    • if they have a healer what you do next depends on whether you are flying solo or with a group. If you are in a group let them target the tank while you find his/her healer and kill them. This leaves the tank at your mercy. If flying solo then avoid the tank AT ALL COSTS and if you feel you can take the healer and then the tank, go for it.

On to melee DPS! These guys/girls are your mortal enemy (sort of), they can and WILL slice you up in less than a minute if you aren't wary. Te best way to avoid them is stay back during big fights and if you try to pick a solo fight with them mae sure you have plenty of knockback and snare abilities. Start out at maximum range and start firing away (don't worry about healers, even if they are being healed, DPS have low health and can be killed quite easily) and keep damaging them with DOT's. If they get too close use any knockback and resume firing. Once they close in again, snare them with either barbed wire or land mine and run. After running for about 5 or 6 seconds turn around and start firing. Hopefully (if they aren't dead) their knockback immunity will time out soon and you can repeat this strategy or make your own.

Ranged Damage DealersEdit

Your complete opposite! These guys are essentially you and will fight like you. There is no recommended distance for fighting them but i suggest medium. This leaves you out of range for any close range AOE blasts(ie a sorc's Drad aspect) but close enough to both shoot them and grenade them to pieces, or if you want to finish the job up close and personal.If you want a bit more space just knock them out of thier targetting distance by using a knockback (Hip shot or concussion grenade). REMEMBER though that snaring them won't stop them from blasting you while frozen! Most of the time these fights will be determined by who shoots first, who can do more damage faster and whether either of you have backup.


Your prime target practice and shooting dummies! Target these guys whenever you can during scenarios (unless you have other targets that need to be killed before)to not only net an easyish kill (even if they self heal, they will have low Action points from healing/damage dealing and will eventually get overwhelmed unless someone attacks you or another healer heals them) but also weaken the enemy group (healers dead=weak tanks,weak tanks=OWNAGE). Sometimes the ranged healers stand in groups(idiots.....) so chucks some bombs with DOT's and AOE's to show them you mean business!

End and afterwordEdit

Well hopefully this will help engineers in Tiers 1 2 and 3 (mainly 2 and 3) and I hope that it isn't a complete waste of time to read it. Stop by the Engineer Advanced PVP Guide (when i finish it) for more detailed fights with each role (KILL THE SQUIG HERDERS!!!!!)

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