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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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The Engineer is the primary ranged offensive class of the Dwarven Oathbearers army. Wielding guns, grenades and gadgets galore, he is not to be trifled with on the field of battle. The Engineer is paired with the Chaos Magus.

Career overview Edit

Engineers, as the name suggests, are the Dwarven masters of technology and gadgets, continuing a long tradition of engineering craftsmanship. They employ their expertise to great effect in combat, shooting blunderbusses, throwing grenades at the enemy and even calling down artillery bombardments. In melee, they employ even more explosives or pummel their foes into submission using their engineering spanners and other assorted tools.

Due to the explosive nature of many of their attacks, engineers are best suited for fighting enemies in large groups or tight formations. They attack from afar, but their most damaging attacks are mostly short to medium range, making it imperative that the engineer keeps on his toes and moving throughout the battle. They must always be aware of their position, maneuvering themselves so that they can strike at their target without exposing themselves to enemy attacks.

While not as durable as their Ironbreaker or Slayer cousins, the engineers' ability to actually impose a threat beyond direct melee range makes him an indispensable tool in the Dwarven arsenal.

Specialty Edit


Early Engineer render.

Gadgets, tools and more gadgets are the hallmarks of the Engineer. Through their affiliation with technology, they are able to produce wondrous devices that aid their allies and hinder their enemies. Some of the devices may even be passed on and used by other non-engineer allies.

Armor and Weapons Edit

For Engineer armor sets see: Engineer/Armor Sets
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Mastery Edit

Each mastery tree allows the Engineer to focus his abilities according to play style and taste.

Path Of The RiflemanEdit

This path focuses on long-range attacks, and taking your time with carefully aimed precision shots. A master of this path prefers to stand back away from the hectic front lines of battle, and dispatch his enemies quickly and cleanly from behind defensive cover.

See: Engineer Path of the Rifleman Abilities

Path Of The GrenadierEdit

This mastery is primarily focused on grenades and bombs, powerful explosives which may be quickly tossed into the middle of a fray to wreak havoc on enemies. While their effective range may be shorter than a gun's - after all, Dwarf arms aren't exactly built to throw for distance - grenades make up for this through sheer stopping power and swift arming times. An AOE concentrated talent path.

See: Engineer Path of the Grenadier Abilities

Path Of The TinkererEdit

A specialist in this path is concerned mainly with his deployable constructs, preferring to fight from near the safety of his turrets while he lays out his foes with swings of his heavy steel wrench. Master tinkerers have also been known to use additional deployable devices above and beyond turrets as well, and many are the Engineers who've been banned for life from a blacksmith's forge after trying to test and improve the heat thresholds of land mines.

See: Engineer Path of the Tinkerer Abilities

Abilities Edit

Main Article: Engineer Abilities

All careers have the Flee action.

Actions Tactics Morale
Acid Bomb
Addling Shot
Ammo Compartment
Barbed Wire
Blunderbuss Blast
Bolster War Engine
Bombardment Turret
Bugman's Best
Concussion Grenade
Crack Shot
Diminish War Engine
Field Repair
Fire Bomb
Flame Turret
Flashbang Grenade
Focused Fire
Fragmentation Grenade
Friction Burn
Gun Turret
Hamper War Engine
High-Explosive Ammo
Hip Shot
Incendiary Rounds
Land Mine
Pepper Bomb
Phosphorous Shells
Signal Flare
Slow And Steady
Steam Vent
Ancestral Inheritance
Clever Recovery
Concussive Mine
Coordinated Fire
Expert Skirmisher
Extra Powder
Hand-Crafted Scope
Pierce Defenses
Proximity Alarm
Quick Reloader
Reinforced Casing
Rune Of Forging
Runes Of Warding
Steady Aim
Steady Hand
Stopping Power
Stoutness Of Stone
Tangling Wire
Throwing Arm
Tracer Rounds
Well-Oiled Machine
Armored Plating
Artillery Barrage
Cannon Smash
Explosive Shots
Fling Explosives
Focused Mind
Hail Of Doom
Unshakable Focus

Note - these are taken from beta stage of the game and are subjected to change, especially damage values as they are dependent on current rank of the character.

Influence RewardsEdit

Main Article: Engineer Influence Rewards

External Links Edit

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