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End of the Line

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Redhammer Station
Start Fimki Grimgirsson
End Fimki Grimgirsson

Quest Chain

Fimki Grimgirsson

Athron Kaddorson


End of the Line I map
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You best be aiming to lend a hand or there ain't no use you bein' here! We need strong hands and stiff backs to get bitterstone out of Ekrund.

See that equipment over there? It's broken, plain and simple. Needs fixing by good engineers, but the stout lads in Goldfist's Hole are no good to us with arrows in their backs or brains spillin' over their beards.

You're going to fix up that rusted mess and get it running again. Keep a sharp eye for those blasted greenskins, and split their skulls if you spot one.

- Fimki Grimgirsson

Summary Edit

Travel to the Recovery Equipment Camp in Redhammer Station and repair the mining equipment. Stay alert for any greenskin saboteurs in the area. Return to Fimki at Redhammer Station when finished.

Objectives Edit

  • Damaged Equipment Repaired 0/3

In Progress Edit

The work's that way!

I'll not see gold lost due to a shortbeard's dawdling!

- Fimki Grimgirsson

On Completion Edit

What took you so long? Anyone worth their Grizdal would've had those works running smoothly in no time.

Don't whine t' me about the blasted greenskins, the lads working the pumps over at Goldfist's Hole haven't been complainin'.

- Fimki Grimgirsson

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 1521

External Links Edit

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