Encroaching Darkness IV

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Encroaching Darkness IV

Order PvE Quest
Zone Nordland
Start Pater Allard
End Sigmarite Acolyte
Previous Encroaching Darkness III


Encroaching Darkness IV map
(click to enlarge)

A broken cackle sounds across the water as the figure of the local Miller emerges from one of the long boats.

It is immediately obvious that Haldred has cast his lot with the Chaos Marauders.

- Pater Allard, Upon Examination

Encroaching Darkness IV is a Tier 1 Order Quest that begins within the confines of the Public Quest The Norse are Coming!, in northwestern Nordland.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

Completion Text Edit

"Blessed Sigmar, guide our weapons, that we may purify our lands of the unclean!"

"Though he has fallen, Peter Allard will remain as an inspiration to those of us who labor to save humanity against the dark clouds that gather!"

"I will see that another acolyte is sent to the Inn as soon as burial arrangements have been made for poor Pater. Thank you for not leaving his body displayed in such a fashion, {name}. You have done the Cult of Sigmar a great service!"

- Sigmarite Acolyte

Rewards Edit

Career Equipment Edit

Equipment Rewards by Career
Ironbreaker Icon Rune Priest Icon
Engineer Icon Slayer Icon
Bright Wizard Icon Warrior Priest Icon Temp Boots Salutary Spatterguards
Witch Hunter Icon Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon
Swordmaster Icon Archmage Icon
Shadow Warrior Icon White Lion Icon

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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