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Hammers are blunt weapons that are used to deal damage to the enemy by crushing their body. Those utilized by the Empire often bear symbols and emblems important to the followers of Sigmar, and are most often wielded by Warrior Priests into battle.

Careers Edit

Warrior Priests
Warrior Priests are currently the only Empire career capable of equipping hammers in the game, though they have the choice of bearing one-handed Hammers or two-handed Greathammers into battle.

Item Table Edit

Item Name
Empire Hammer 001 Equerry's Smiter Common 8.0 2.8 3 Quest
Empire Hammer 001 Recruiter's Maul Uncommon 10.4 3.5 2 Influence
Empire Hammer 001 Smiter of Noble Focus Very Rare 11.7 3.7 5 Public Quest

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