Empire WAR Story (Chapter 1)

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War Comes To GrimmenhagenEdit

"Forward, men! Drive back the barbarians and put out those fires!"

Viktor Riese had nearly yelled himself hoarse for all the shouting of orders he'd done lately. With most of his soldiers out in the field, he was relying on the peasants of Grimmenhagen to defend the village that now served as an outpost for the Order of the Griffon.

Viktor watched as the villages engaged a band of Marauders that was lighting fire to the huts on the outskirts of the village. The commoners fought with courage and determination, and soon the Northmen were driven back to their camps in the nearby woods. The fires were spreading fast and there were still peasants trapped inside the burning cottages.

It seemed as though every day since he'd arrived in Grimmenhagen had been like this.

Raven Host VanguardEdit

  • Raven Host Marauders
  • Father Sigwald Slain
  • Argog the Unstoppable

The ranks of the Nordland Army are in desperate need of replenishment. The new soldiers are to be drawn from the peasant workers in the hills and among the farms of Nordland. Recruiting these simple folk will be no easy task, but as word of the encroaching Chaos warhost spreads, it will become clear to even the simplest farmer that those who do not fight will be the first to die.

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