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Empire WAR Story/Prologue
The Empire
Race Empire
Chapter Prologue

The Empire is the prologue of the Empire WAR Story. The Empire is facing a two-fronted attack; a Norse warhost has crossed the border and begun attacking the northernmost provinces. At the same time, a plague spreads among the people. If unchecked, the combination of disease and invasion may very well cause the collapse of the Empire itself.

Chapter Story Edit

It is a desperate time for the Empire.

While a mysterious plague ravages through its populace, a massive warhost of of barbaric Northmen launches a ferocious attack across the Empire's northern border. With terrible speed, the invaders storm into Nordland laying waste to all in their path.

The Emperor summons forth the greatest of his subjects: the Grand Theogonist of the Cult of Sigmar, the Supreme Patriarch of the Colleges of Magic, and the Captain of the Reiksguard. Together with these advisers Karl Franz devises a plan to save the Empire.

The Emperor announces the formation of the Order of the Griffon, an elite military force made up of noble knights, potent Wizards, cunning and lethal Witch Hunters, and fearless, fanatical Warrior Priests. Receiving their orders directly from the Emperor, the Order's commanders will be free to take any action necessary to protect the Empire from threats within or without.

After its ranks are filled, the Order of the Griffon is dispatched to Nordland. Their mission is simple, but vitally important - take command of the Nordland provincial army and organize the Empire's defenses before the invading warhost ransacks the province completely.

Meanwhile, the mystery of the plague still lingers. If the members of the Order do not act quickly to solve it, the dread disease will consume the Empire and any hope of surviving the enemy attack will be lost.

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