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War Comes to Grimmenhagen 001
War Comes to Grimmenhagen
Race Empire
Chapter 1
Rally Master Eldred Krebs
Chapter Hub Grimmenhagen Village

War Comes to Grimmenhagen is the first chapter of the Empire WAR Story; the settlement of Grimmenhagen Village is under siege, and if it falls it's only a matter of time until the rest of Nordland follows suit. Karl Franz has dispatched the Order of the Griffon to fend off the encroaching Northmen, and end the threat the Chaos warhost posses to the people of the region.

Chapter Story Edit

"Forward, men! Drive back the barbarians an put out those fires!"

Viktor Riese had nearly yelled himself hoarse for all the shouting of orders he'd done lately. With most of his soldiers out in the field, he was relying on the peasants of Grimmenhagen to defend the village that now served as an outpost for the Order of the Griffon.

Viktor watched as the villagers engaged a band of Marauders that was lighting fire to the huts on the outskirts of the village. The commoners fought with courage and determination, and soon the Northmen were driven back to their camps in the nearby woods. The fires were spreading fast and there were still peasants trapped inside the burning cottages.

It seemed as though every day since he'd arrived in Grimmenhagen had been like this. The Emperor had commanded the Order of the Griffon to take charge of the Nordland militia and organize the defenses of the province against the invading warhost. The plague had decimated the ranks of the Nordland provincial army, but when Viktor arrived at Grimmenhagen, the situation was even worse than he'd been expecting.

Sweeping out ahead of the warhost, raiding parties of Northmen were sacking and pillaging every town, farm and village they could find. The roads were unsafe for travel, and the army, having already suffered tremendous casualties, was in a state of near mutiny.

The Order managed to push back the marauding Northmen long enough to establish a base at Grimmenhagen, but now the invaders were pushing back, attacking the outpost from all sides.

"Eldred, is there any sign of those new recruits from Altdorf? Eldred, Viktor's Squire, turned to search the horizon, then cried out in answer.

"Yes, m'lord! They're coming up the village road right now!"

"Thank Sigmar," muttered the Knight of the Blazing Sun under his breath. Raising his voice, he spoke again to Eldred. "I'll meet them in the village circle when I'm done here. I hope they came ready to work."

Public Quests Edit

Raven Host Vanguard

Raven Host Vanguard

As the first chapter in the Empire WAR Story, War Comes to Grimmenhagen is only associated with a single Public Quest.

Raven Host Vanguard Edit

Primary Article: Raven Host Vanguard

The ranks of the Nordland Army are in desperate need of replenishment. The new soldiers are to be drawn from the peasant workers in the hills and among farms of Nordland. Recruiting these simple folk will be no easy task, but as word of he encroaching Chaos warhost spreads, it will be come clear to even the simplest farmer that those who do not fight will be the first to die.

Rally Master Edit

Eldred Krebs is squire to Viktor Riese, and arrived in Grimmenhagen alongside his Lord when he was sent to raise new men to defend the Empire against the Raven Host. His master's most trusted confidant, Krebs understands his Lord's intentions better than most; he directly oversees the forces under Riese's command and acts as Rally Master for the chapter War Comes to Grimmenhagen.

Influence Rewards Edit

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