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  • Obtained at level 21
  • Used by Zealot
  • Self-Buff
  • Instant Cast
  • 35 Action Points
  • 3m Cooldown
  • Does not scale with level

You embrace the Warp, surrounding yourself with it's power. You will take 50% less damage and your abilities will cost 25% fewer Action Points for 10 seconds. During this time you generate almost no threat, and can not be set back while casting.


The great "Oh Sh**" spell. Someone pops up on you or is spraying fireballs at you, activate this ability. It allows you to cast and take less damage, on top of the cheaper actions. If you're using a voice program such as Ventrillo, activate this spell and notify your tanks. This will give your tank a good 10 second window to get to you and Guard/Taunt.

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