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Corsairs are Dark Elf raiders who travel the seas of the world in the vast floating fortresses known as Black Arks, from which they send out raiding parties in fast vessels to strike the coastal settlements of other nations. Their intent is to capture plunder and slaves to carry back to their homes in Naggaroth. Corsairs excel at ship to ship combat, making them formidable close quarter fighters, and they can be identified by their dark Sea Dragon cloaks.

Both the Old World and the New World fear the dreaded pirates that plunder settlements from Norsca and the Empire to their High Elven cousins in Ulthuan and the vast jungles of Lustria.

For a time, many speculated the Corsairs to become the melee DPS of the Dark Elves, due to their prominence within their society and the fear of them across the world. Although all Dark Elven classes has been confirmed and Corsairs was not among them, they will probably appear as friendly NPCs for Destruction and mobs for players of Order.

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