Elusive Quarry

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Elusive Quarry

Tier 1 Order Travel Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Riandys Arrowlore
End Morithwen Nightwhisper


Elusive Quarry map
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The Dark Elves fight for control of the Plain of Bone, but they cannot hide the fact that their true focus is to our south. What they seek, I do not know, but they must be stopped!

Morithwen Nightwhisper commands the Shining Guard forces near the ruins of Erraneth. Find her and tell her what we have learned.

Particulars Edit

  • Follow the road south through the Blighted Isle to the Shining Guard encampment near the Ruins of Erraneth]], and report to Morithwen Nightwhisper.

Objectives Edit

  • Report to Morithwen Nightwhisper

In-Progress Text Edit

The Dark Elves press south, some bypassing the battlefield altogether. We must learn why.

Completion Text Edit

Riandys ranks highly among our tacticians, and his observations should not be lightly dismissed. The Dark Elves are moving south, pressing toward the border of Chrace. Ships have been sighted in the Yenlui bay, and I do not doubt more are on the way.

Rewards Edit

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