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Eltharion the Grim Zoom MagaliVilleneuve
Eltharion is the warden of Tor Yvresse, in the the High Elf kingdom of Yvresse and a famous master of blades. He rides his pet Griffon Stormwing into battle. He is a High-Ranked NPC in WAR. He is known as 'The Grim' given his dark past.

He wields the longsword Fangsword which is encrusted with runes of power which has been passed down through Eltharion’s family for generations.

Raid in NaggarondEdit

Eltharion the Grim is amongst the most famous of High Elf heroes. He is second only to Tyrion in the High Elf army. He is the only general who has led a successful raid against Naggarond itself and returned to tell the tale. During that raid he was mortally wounded by a poisoned blade of a Witch Elf, but an apparition of his dead father roused him to seek revenge and save Yvresse from destruction. Such was the power of Eltharion’s will that he returned from death’s door to exact his vengeance on the Goblins that had murdered his family and destroyed his ancestral lands. He fought and defeated the Goblin horde of Grom the Paunch inside the very gates of Tor Yvresse.

Attack of Grom the PaunchEdit

When the previous Warden of the city was killed in a magical duel with a Goblin Shaman, Eltharion was chosen as the new Warden. Many years later he was defeated in single combat by the Witch King himself while defending the ancient city of Anlec from a Dark Elf incursion.Malekith had him blinded and tortured, and then sent back to the Phoenix King as a living example of his cruelty. Now Eltharion is recovering in the care of Belannaer in the holy Tower of Hoeth, where he is training hard in the ways of the Swordmasters. His skill and strength are returning rapidly and he will soon be ready to embark on a bitter quest for revenge, which will lead him once again to face the dreaded ruler of Naggaroth.


Eltharion now rules as Warden of Yvresse, however none of the light and joy that he once possessed as a youth remains. His new name, the Grim, comes from his constant foul mood after seeing his home and people burn. Destruction players can fight him in a public quest in Eataine.

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