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For the article about the History & Lore Unlock in Nordland, see Elector Counts.

An Elector Count is the title for the (semi-)hereditary ruler of one of the ten provinces of the Empire, the highest nobles in the Empire, with the Emperor as a first-amongst-equals, elected from their number. Within their province, the Elector Count is sovereign, as long as they don't openly defy the Emperor. In addition to ruling one of the provinces of the Empire, each of the Elector Counts also has a vote in electing the next Emperor (the Grand Theogonist and the Arch-Lectors of the Cult of Sigmar, the Al-Ulric of the Cult of Ulric, and the Halfling Elder of the Moot also get a vote).

The position of Elector Count descends from the leaders of the twelve tribes chosen by Sigmar to receive a Runefang from the legendary Dwarf Runesmith Alaric the Mad. Two of the twelve Runefangs, and two of the provinces, were lost: Solland was lost to an Orc Waaagh, and its Runefang is currently held by Kurt Helborg, Reiksmarshall, Grandmaster of the Reiksguard Knights, and Commander of the Armies of the Empire; Drakwald was officially dissolved by Emperor Mandred the Ratslayer as punishment for the wickedness of the Drakwald Emperors Ludwig the Fat (who gave the Moot a vote in the Electoral Council to his cook, and gained the support of the Cult of Sigmar by granting the Grand Theogonist of the time another Electoral Vote), Boris Goldgatherer (partially responsible for the Plague of 1111 IC and the Skaven invasion), the Drakwald Runefang is currently held in the Imperial Armoury.

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