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Eldred Krebs

Eldred Krebs

Rank 2 Rally Master
Realm Order
Species Empire
Gender Male
Zone Nordland
Subzone Grimmenhagen Village
Coordinates 26100, 54300

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"Now I ain't gunna be tellin' ya what to decide, but it don't take a learned man to see we can't win no war without men. Just like you and me before we joined up, these folk can't see nothin' past their fields. 'Tis our job to teach 'em, and teach 'em quick-like so's my lord Viktor can do 'is job keepin' Nordland safe."

- Eldred Krebs

Eldred Krebs is squire to Viktor Riese, and arrived in Grimmenhagen alongside his lord when he was sent to raise new men to defend the Empire against the Raven Host. His master's most trusted confidant, Krebs understands his Lord's intentions better than most; he monitors the progress of new recruits, guiding them during their training and sending them north when they are ready.

Noteworthy Person Edit

"They had the look of Reiklanders about 'em, all flowery words an' pristine white liveries. I don't trust men what can ride that long ahorse and not look a bit dirty when they dismount. I knew that Knight an' his squire was trouble as soon as I laid mine eyes upon the bloody pair of 'em."

"Karl Franz don't care about our stinkin' mud hole of a village, he only sent his pretty-boys here to get us to fight and die to protect somewhere else he thinks is more important."

- Fritz Hartmann, Farmer of Grimmenhagen

Eldred Krebs is the first of seven Noteworthy Persons that can be found by Order players in the Zone of Nordland.

Rally Master Edit

"There's trouble brewin' north of here. Another letter can today, my Lord Viktor knows 'is letters he does. The short of it is, the troubles you've seen here in Grimmenhagen are just the beginning. You'd best be usin' these beasties to hone your skills before headin' north, or you won't last long."

- Eldred Krebs

Eldred Krebs acts as the Rally Master for Chapter 1 of the Empire Storyline, War Comes to Grimmenhagen.

Quests Edit

"Lord Viktor spoke of you last night, in 'is cups. He said he ain't seen a swifter hand in the academy! That's a mighty compliment, that. Mean's you're ready to move on to where the real fightin's taking place. New Emskrank's under attack, {name}, and they can use all the help they can get! Now get out there an' make my Lord proud!"

- Eldred Krebs

Begins Quests Edit

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