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Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Oathbearers
Tier: 1
Paired with: Mount Bloodhorn
Ekrund map
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Ekrund is the Oathbearers starting zone. In the Age of Reckoning, the area is under attack from the Bloody Sun Boyz settled on Mount Bloodhorn.

Overview Edit

The Dwarf mines of Ekrund were once rich and productive, having been established in the Dragonback Mountains back at the dawning of the Dwarven empire. That was before the time of woes, and the long decline. In recent years, enterprising and adventurous Dwarf companies have been returning to Ekrund, eager to reclaim the lost treasures hidden in the buried halls of the stronghold. With the coming of the Waaagh! led by the Bloody Sun Boyz to the nearby Mount Bloodhorn, Ekrund has become an important outpost in the fight against the Greenskin horde, and the Dwarfs here are hurrying to repair the defenses of the old fortress while fighting the Greenskins in the surrounding caves and tunnels.

PvE ContentEdit

Tome of KnowledgeEdit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Ekrund:

Public Quests and ChaptersEdit

In The Blighted Isle there are three chapters of public quests. Initially when players enter the northern part of the zone they will find the Chapter 1 quests for their faction. Moving toward the middle of the zone you will then encounter the Chapter 2 quests and so forth. As with the previous public quests, rewards as you advance through each campaign and move through the higher level chapters.

Order Public Quests

1. Assault On Bitterstone Mine
2. Defenders at the Redhammer Pub

Destruction Public Quests

4. Tribal Warfare

RvR contentEdit

Battleground objectives



File:Ekrund Map.jpg

Detailed mapsEdit

Gamepressure Atlas

WARDB zone information

Locations of InterestEdit

Creatures Edit

Ekrund was controlled by the greenskins for thousands of years, and their leavings show. Trolls and squigs infest the area, along with the ubiquitous orcs and gobbos themselves. If it wasn't for their stonework having resisted vandalism for so long the dwarfs would be the ones looking out of place!

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Tier 1: Ekrund • Tier 2: Barak Varr • Tier 3: Black Fire Pass • Tier 4: Kadrin Valley • Capital: Karaz-a-Karak

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