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Inevitable CityEdit

Winds of ChaosEdit

This is a special easter egg area found within the Inevitable City. It contains a Chaos Portal which whisks you away to various random easter egg locations.

Skull of OgarandEdit

If you proceed into the Lyceum, go over to the fireplace on the left side of the room, and right click the back wall. The wall will slide back, Giving you the easter egg quest Behind the Wall. Right clicking on the skull on the pedestal behind the wall will complete the second part of the quest. Then, right click the skull in your inventory to complete the last part of the quest.Right clicking on the skull again will trigger a magic 8 ball like message and start a 30 minute cooldown. Any other uses for the skull are unknown at this time. The quest dialogue suggests more secrets hidden within the Lyceum, but no others have been found so far.

Various ZonesEdit


There are gravestones throughout the Warhammer world that pay homage to some of the developers of Warhammer Online. They are:

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