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Eagle Claw (Concept Art)

The High Elves have no need for the crude Black Powder weapons of other races. Instead, the High Elves use simple torsion bolt throwers as used by their forefathers, content with weapons that will not randomly blow up in front of its crew's face.

The "Eagle's Claw" bolt thrower, as the repeater is usually called, is a versatile weapon and by far the most common of these devices. It is lightly made, though sturdy and strong, and is practical and portable. This makes it highly adaptable and it is widely used both on ship and on shore. In fact, the same individual weapon can be used in either location as they are designed to be taken from their mountings and carried with the Lothern Seaguard when ever they venture forth.

In battle, the "Eagle's Claw" can shoot either a single bolt or a hail of steel-tipped death. This flexibility allows the armies of Ulthuan to halt enemies, whether they are heavily armoured knights or teeming hordes of rabble.

The High Elves use the "Eagle's Claw" repeater bolt thrower. It can either fire a single, very powerful bolt capable of skewering several men as it passes through a formation, or it can fire a whole volley of bolts at once.

The Sea Guard use them on their warships, where they can sweep the enemy quarterdeck clear or punch holes through the waterline of a vessel with the same weapon.

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