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Chapter Story Edit

Droki Redbeard was roused from his dreams by the sound of shouting voices. Rubbing sleep from his eyes, the Oathbearer Captain crawled out from his tent.

It was the dead of night. Several Dwarfs were gathered near the perimeter of the camp, looking up at the sky. Each had a torch in one hand and a hammer in the other. Droki approached the group and strained to see what the others were searching for.

"Well, what's the commotion?" asked Droki.

"It's Gurni, Captain - he's been taken." The Dwarf sentry was visibly shaken, and his skin was pale.

'Taken? What do ye mean, Glon?" Droki placed a reassuring hand on the sentry's shoulder.

'Somethin' big swooped down out of the sky and just snatched him up. It were black and had wings like a bat's, only it were a man! It... it had red eyes that seemed to pierce my soul when I looked at him. I couldn't help poor Gurni, sir. That thing had some power over me, for I couldna' lift my hammer to help him."

A tall human woman clad in the white robes of a Sister of Shallya joined the group of Dwarfs. She looked at Droki, and motioned toward a clearing not far away.

"Get yourself a flagon of ale, beardling, and we'll speak again later." Droki patted the Dwarf on the back and walked over to the woman. Together, the two strolled away, and when they were out of earshot of the other Dwarfs, she spoke.

"I may know this fiend, Captain."

"I'm listenin', Sister Widmer. Speak your piece."

Ralla Widmer sat down upon a log and wrapped her robe tightly about her. "You already know that an ancient tribe of my people once had an Empire that spanned this marsh, and beyond. The Mourkain, they were called, and they were masters not only of Necromancy, but also of Vampirism. The great tower your Rangers spied a few days ago - the one to the southwest, on the hill - it may not be empty as we thought. Some foul creature may have survived the fall of the Mourkain Empire and be leaving there even now."

Droki drew a pipe from his pocket and lit it. He took a long drag and then exhaled.

"Our work here is almost done. We've got nearly all the oathgold that we need for the Doomstrikers, and if we can hold our ground a little while longer, we can finally leave this blasted place. By my beard, I'll not let some manling creature undo all that we've worked for. We've sacrificed too much already, and besides, I'm tired of this thrice-damned bog! I can't remember the last time I smelled mountain air!"

Sister Widmer stood and smiled. "That, we have in common, Captain. I thank you for your courage, but please, be wary. If it is a Vampire Lord who has visited us tonight, then he is perhaps the deadliest foe your people will face in all the Marshes of Madness."

"Aye," agreed the Dwarf. "I think you're right about that."

Rally Master Edit

Droki Redbeard is a dedicated Dwarf miner, and leader of the camp of Oathhold, in the Marshes of Madness. The Oathgold required for construction of the Doomstrikers has been gathered, but as the Oathbearers make preparations to leave the Marshes behind them undead rise from the mire to halt their progress. Remnants of the ancient Mourkain, these monsters must be dealt with if the ore is to be transported safely o the High King.

Influence Rewards Edit

Dwarf Influence Rewards Edit

Career Basic Rewards Advanced Rewards Elite Rewards

Ironbreaker Icon

Slayer Icon

Engineer Icon

Rune Priest Icon
Itm ge bottle04 green Lesser Potion of Healing Dw armor rp 02 belt Stonefast Runesash Dw staff 2h t2 01 Runic Stone Cane
Itm ge bottle04 yellow Lesser Potion of Invigoration Temp shoulders Stonefast Runemantle Itm ge ring02 Runic Stone Hale Ring

Empire Influence Rewards Edit

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Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon

Witch Hunter Icon

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High Elf Influence Rewards Edit

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