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Chapter Story Edit

Durrig Olfrinson sized up the group of Engineers who had just arrived at the camp.

"Fresh recruits from Ekrund, is it? You're in the bog now, lads. If the stink doesn't do ye in, the bloody greenskins will be trying to! We've got plenty of work for ye here. There's a road needs fixin' an' when that's done, a mine that needs workin'"

Olfrinson wiped the sweat from his brow. The Marshes of Madness was the last place any sensible Dwarf would want to pass his time, but only here could be found oathgold, a rare gold of surpassing purity and brightness. The Dwarfs would need several cartloads of it for the forging of the mighty Doomstrikers, and so they had come here.

The Dwarfs had found the gold, and then the Black Skull Orcs had found them. The Orcs and Goblins weren't the only dangers in the swamp, however. Ancient, unliving creatures dwelt here, remnants of a lost empire of men that had fallen into darkness, corrupted by the taint of Chaos in ages past.

Suddenly one of the sentries shouted a warning.

"What do ye see, Rolun?"

"Bog Zombies are gatherin' in numbers to the south, sir!"

Olfrinson scowled. "Load the Organ Guns! Get Thunderers up on the high ground! They're slow, and they'll make easy targets."

The Dwarf leader pulled a weathered map from his pocket and unrolled the parchment. The oathgold mines were farther into the swamp, and the ancient road that joined them - the very road he was here to put back in working order - snaked throughout the bog before eventually winding its way north into the Badlands. He held the map up so that the crew of engineers could see it.

"Here's your task, lads. No rest for the weary nor the wicked in the Marshes of Madness. Ye best set about gettin' that road repaired, for there's no time to waste!"

Durrig's point was punctuated by several loud blasts from the nearby Organ Gun. Gazing out toward the swamp, he could see several dozen Zomnies shambling slowly toward the camp. The Organ Gun barrage had dropped a few of them, but many more were still coming.

Durrig took his hammer in hand and called out to the Organ Gun's crew.

"Hold your fire, lads! Let's save the ammunition for somethin' it won't be wasted on. We'll handle this the old-fashioned way."

All round Durrig, the Dwarfs drew their weapons and prepared for the battle to come.

Rally Master Edit

Durrig Olfrinson is a Dwarf Engineer, and a sailor of significant ability. He founded Olfrinson's Outpost when his brother was killed in the Marshes of Madness; Olfrinson now devotes himself to the task of avenging his fallen kin.

Influence Rewards Edit

Dwarf Influence Rewards Edit

Career Basic Rewards Advanced Rewards Elite Rewards

Ironbreaker Icon

Slayer Icon

Engineer Icon

Rune Priest Icon
Itm ge bottle04 green Lesser Potion of Healing Dw armor rp 02 boots Ironfast Clogs Dw staff 2h t2 01 Ancestral Crook
Itm ge bottle04 yellow Lesser Potion of Invigoration Dw armor rp 02 gloves Ironfast Runecuffs Dw armor rp 02 body Ancestral Vestment

Empire Influence Rewards Edit

Career Basic Rewards Advanced Rewards Elite Rewards

Knight of the Blazing Sun Icon

Witch Hunter Icon

Bright Wizard Icon

Warrior Priest Icon

High Elf Influence Rewards Edit

Career Basic Rewards Advanced Rewards Elite Rewards

Swordmaster Icon

White Lion Icon

Shadow Warrior Icon

Archmage Icon

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