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Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Oathhold
Start Foreman Grundigson
End von Jaeger's Bedroll

Quest Chain

Foreman Grundigson
  • Duty-bound I

von Jaeger's Bedroll


Duty-bound I map
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A few weeks back, a manling came by our camp and asked me to forge a silver charm for 'im.

Naturally, I asked the stranger who he was and why he wanted a charm. With a frown, he grunted that his name was Mattias von Jaeger, and he was a Witch Hunter on the trail of a Vampire. He seemed to think the silver charm would give 'im some measure o' protection against the fiend.

He said he'd be tendin' to 'is task within a fortnight, and he'd be stoppin' by us before returnin' to Altdorf. That was nigh three weeks ago now, so I'm thinkin' he was killed by what he was chasin'.

It's our duty as Dwarfs to look out for our manling allies when we can. If not for my responsibilities here at camp, I'd go check on 'im. Perhaps you can have a look for me, and let me know how he's doin'? I'd like to know if that charm did indeed keep 'im safe as he thought it would.

- Foreman Grundigson

Summary Edit

On the outskirts of the Tower of Neborhest, search for an abandoned camp. When found, search through the bedroll there for any evidence of Mattias von Jaeger and the silver charm Grundigson made.

Objectives Edit

In Progress Edit

I can't imagine what that manling thought he could do against a Vampire all by 'imself. Manlings aren't made of the same sturdy stuff we Dwarfs are!

- Foreman Grundigson

On Completion Edit

The camp around you has been empty for some time, and the belongings within are wet. There are signs of a struggle, but they've been mostly washed away by the rains. The air, however, is still, smelling faintly of ash and rotting flesh.

- Upon Examination: von Jaeger's Bedroll

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2787

External Links Edit

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