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Durak's Oathstone
Quest Item

Durak's Oathstone is a Tier 1 quest item obtained as part of an Order quest chain in the zone of Mount Bloodhorn.

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'Durak's Oathstone' is obtained by examining a 'Loot Chest' located in the bandit camp of Traitor's Watch. Its recovery is the objective of the quest Durak's Legacy.

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The runes on the Oathstone swirl and change, taking the shape of a small map. Below the map, words appear. They read:

'My time is short. The greenskins have sacked Mount Bloodhorn and our folk lie dead in Bitterstone Mine.

I've ordered our extra weapons and shot to be sealed away in Glon Barak. My hopes are that my son will one day use them to reclaim our land.

The remaining warrior of Bitterstone Mine have gathered. We march now to meet the enemy in battle for what may be the last time.


- Quest Completion Text: Durak's Legacy II

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