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Bastion Stair Exterior

The Bastion Stair is a high-level dungeon, resembling huge steps climbing into a blood-red sky, inhabited by the creatures of Chaos

In WAR a Dungeon is a partially instanced area where groups of players can take on challenging foes and have a chance at obtainning powerful loot. Dungeons are a part of the PvE experience in WAR and usually contain a powerful foe (Boss) at the end, which players must defeat. Dungeons should not be confused with Lairs - which are similar but much smaller and not marked on maps, they require chance discovery. Dungeons are often indoors (inside a fortress or castle) or underground.


Players will never encounter the opposing Realm (enemy players) in a dungeon. Even though most dungeons are able to be traversed by both Factions, all dungeons separate players into separate instances for each Realm. Common to all dungeons however, is that the end boss is heavily instanced so that only a small amount (usually only one 6-player group) of players can fight it at the same time, regardless of how many players were in the main area of the dungeon.

Like most other modern MMOs, Warhammer Online attempts to keep the number of people in a dungeon at any one time small using instancing (interestingly, contrary to the philosophy of minimal instancing in the normal game world - outside of dungeons). In terms of instancing, dungeons come in three varieties:

  • Realm Instanced dungeons are only instanced for each side as described above. (Everbody from the same Realm/Faction adventures together in the same instance/version of the dungeon.)
  • Warband Instanced dungeons have separate instances for each Warband (a collection of several 6-man Groups) who adventure together but may not necessarily help each other.
  • Group Instanced dungeons are instanced per 6-man Group, so that each Group of 6 players (who have previously decided upon who is in their Group) experience a separate version of the dungeon, removed from all other players.

List of dungeonsEdit

Various zones contain different dungeons, this list is in the form of a sortable table:

Name Zone Location Rank City Rank Style Armour set
Altdorf Sewers Altdorf Various locations 12 - 18 1 Instanced wings Keeper
The Sacellum Dungeon The Inevitable City The Sacellum Arena 12 - 18 1 Group Instanced wings Keeper
Mount Gunbad The Badlands North west 22 - 33 Realm Instanced Redeye
The Bastion Stair Chaos Wastes Far south east 34 - 40 Realm Instanced Bloodlord
Warpblade Tunnels Altdorf Below Auction House 40+ 2 Group Instance Sentinel
Sigmar Crypts Altdorf Great Temple of Sigmar 40+ 3 Group Instance Sentinel
The Bloodwrought Enclave The Inevitable City East Side of the Undercroft 40+ 2 Group Instance Sentinel
The Bilerot Burrow The Inevitable City Near The Monolith. 40+ 3 Group Instance Sentinel
The Lost Vale Avelorn North east 40+ Group Instance Darkpromise
Tomb of the Vulture Lord Land of the Dead North 40+ Group Instance Tyrant

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