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Droki Greybeard Location: (Ostland (30515,25805)), town of Bohsenfels

"Well now, look what we have here. What as sorry excuse for a (Your Class Here) are you.
You don't impress me. I've traveled with Trollslayers! I led a group of five fo the meanest, most brutal Trollslayers here from Kara Kadrin so the could fulfill their vowes.
To see a Slayer in battle is an awe-inspiring sight, have no doubt!
Guri Hammerfist, he was a true slayer. He could have been a Giantslayer if a Gashthorn gor hadn't of ripped his head clean off. But Gurni slew over fifty of the Chaos-ridden filth first!
You think you can beat Gurni's death toll? Show me what you got!

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