Dreamshade Forest

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Dreamshade Forest

Dreamshade Forest

Tier 1 hard Public Quest
Realm Destruction
Zone Chrace
Chapter 3
Rally Master Kulvorath Bloodhand

Dreamshade Forest is a hard-difficulty Public Quest available for the forces of Destruction in the Blighted Isle. It is part of Chapter 3 in the Dark Elf storyline. The Massive Loot Bag reward available here contains one part of the "of Carnage" armor set.

In the Age of Reckoning Edit

The Dark Elf army is en route to Chrace through the Dreamshade Forest at the southern tip of the Blighted Isle.
The Shadow-walker of legend that has led the defense of the Blighted Isle against countless Corsair invasions over the past milennia knew the Druchii would pass through here, and he managed to alert the White Lions of Chrace of the imminent danger. Together they have mounted a careful defense in the Dreamshade Forest.
As it turns out these dark woods will be the final showdown on the Blighted Isle. Here the Dark Elves face their greatest challenge yet. They must find way [sic] to overcome both the Shadow Warriors [sic] prowess with sword and stealth, as well as the White Lions [sic] masterful technique for hunting prey.
- Tome of Knowledge

Tasks Edit

Stage 1 Edit

The High Elves were ready for the Dark Elf army here. They have slaughtered the initial vanguard and mounted their defense.

To disarm the traps, simply destroy them with attacks. Walking over the traps will trigger them, rooting a victim in place for a few seconds.

Stage 2 Edit

Just as the Dark Elves believe their position secure, the true trap is sprung!

During this stage, the Dreamshade Stalkers will run anywhere inside the Public Quest area, making them difficult to find sometimes. Also, the High Elf units in the leaf-covered pits that dot the forest will ambush players who get too close, from this stage onwards.

Stage 3 Edit

The Dark Elves have weathered the ambush so far. Now all that remains are the High Elf leaders behind its orchestration.

Guardian Beron will spawn near the middle of the forest. Shadow Walker Ialia will spawn to ambush players when they engage in combat with Guardian Beron.

Dreamshade Forest NPCs Edit

Dreamshade Forest Mobs Edit

Named Mobs Edit

Dreamshade Forest Rewards Edit

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