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The Drakwald is an immense Imperial forest, east of Middenheim, although it is sometimes counted as part of the Great Forest. The region is notorious for being inhospitable, dank and for containing large numbers of Beastmen.


Drakwald used to be the Province of Drakwald, one of the original 12 provinces of the Empire, but it was abolished by Emperor Mandred the Rat-Slayer following the terrible reign of the Drakwald Emperors, a period rife with corruption. The rule of the Drakwald Emperors also resulted in the Great Plague of IC 1111 and a massive Skaven invasion that has since been erased from common history, although it is still common knowledge to the nobility, scholars and students of history.

However, other sources claim that the province was not removed by any Emperor, but buckled in upon itself due to the massive numbers of Beastmen in the forest who were constantly raiding the villages and settlements of Drakwald. These days, Darkwald is largely uninhabited by humans, and only traversed when stricly necessary (merchants and traders tend to rove the countryside if they are particularly pressed to get to their destination. Often, bands of Beastmen will emerge from the dark, gloomy shadows of the Forest and raid into surrounding terriotories.

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