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The Dragon Princes are the elite warriors of Caledor, a kingdom on the High Elf isle of Ulthuan. Once Caledor was the land of Dragons, in ancient times Elf Princes (and most notably those from Caledor) would ride Dragons into battle and these were the ancestors of the Dragon Princes. The Dragon Princes were said to be the greatest warriors in all of Ulthuan who fought Daemons and the forces of the Witch King. Now though Caledor and its Dragons are slowly fading away. The Dragons of Ulthuan now spend most of their time in a deep sleep in the Dragonwake which they have remained in for millennia and can seldom be roused. Though in the distant past the Dragon Princes rode Dragons, today they ride upon swift Elven steeds. Even without their dragon steeds; Dragon Princes are still a source of pride, strong martial traditions, and are regarded as the elite of High Elven heavy Cavalry. Dragon Princes wield long lances and shields when mounted, and have a sword as a secondary weapon in the event they are forced to fight on foot.

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