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Dragon concept

Dragons are among the most powerful creatures of the world, as large as hills and as old as time itself. While their great teeth, talons, and iron-hard scaled skin make them formidable enough opponents, it is their famous breath - a deadly flame, gas or lightning discharge - which can strike terror into the heart of the stoutest warrior. Though the race of Dragons is in decline, the mightiest Elven warriors still ride Dragons into battle, and the various kinds of dragons wreak havoc across the world of Warhammer.


Few folk have laid eyes upon a Dragon, though the Elves seem to have a greater kinship with the massive reptiles than any other race, perhaps due to their similarly lengthy life spans. Though just as intelligent (in many ways much more wise) than any Elf, Dwarf or Human, the minds of Dragons work differently to the warm blooded shorter lived races and many Dragons are aloof at best, disdainful at worst when it comes to the younger races of the world. They are capricious in this regard, sometimes opting to involve themselves in the affairs of men while at other times they are content to sit back and do nothing. This often depends on the individual dragon.

Dragons are solitary creatures, coming together only to raise young, mate, (or if they have found a companion rider in some rare cases). Once they have found a lair, they sleep for vast swathes of time. When they do awaken, the entire landscape may have changed around them during their long slumber. When a Dragon is awake, the areas surrounding its lair are reduced to a wasteland as it strips the land of resources while hunting. Entire forests have been reduced to matchsticks by the fiery breath of a single Wyrm.

It is said that they sense their time of death and when that time comes, they fly to the Plain of Bones to die. During the First Great Chaos Incursion, Dark energy seeped into the land and resurrected the dragons. These Zombie dragons still prowl the Plain of Bones.

Dragons are not immortal, but are easily longer lived than even the Elves or Slann, and the oldest among them remember a time before Elves, Humans, or possibly even the Old Ones walked the Warhammer world. In this, they are only eclipsed by immortal beings such as daemons and the most ancient of Dragon Ogres. As Dragons become older, they sleep for longer and longer periods, going into extended hibernation and emerging breifly to satiate thirst or hunger ever few eons, meaning older dragons are rarely seen. This may be related to The Dragons of Ulthuan have been ensorcelled by the nefarious Dark Elves, making sure they stay deep in slumber and cannot be roused when the High Elves need them.


Dragons are an extremely malleable race, appearing in many forms throughout the world as they adapt to their surroundings. The green-scaled Forest Dragons of Athel Loren have thin, sinuous bodies which allow them to move amongst dense trees. Black dragons from the Land of Chill have changed so far from their origins that their breath has lost its fire, instead becoming a corrosive mass of dark vapour that can melt flesh from bone. Near to the Realm of Chaos, in the Chaos Wastes can be found the two-headed Chaos Dragons, and on the Plain of Bones there are undead Zombie Dragons which have been bound to the will of Nagash. A Dragon's size is proportional to its age. The biggest (and oldest) dragons can grow a body as large as a ship and a head the size of a house.

When not changed and by their surroundings like the dragons mentioned above, dragons have three main classifications, the names invented by the Elves for dragons of varying age. In the modern age, this only applies to the dragons of Ulthuan and some dragons from the Old World - those that are not Chaos Dragons or Forest Dragons:

  • Sun Dragons are the youngest of all dragons, though still formiddable. They are named for the warm hue of their scales and their suitably hot tempers.
  • Moon Dragons are dragons of middle age and size, substantially larger than Sun Dragons, but more even tempered. Moon Dragons are rarely seen except in times of great upheaval.
  • Star Dragons are the largest, oldest and most formiddable of all dragons, laying waste to vast swathes of land, and entire cities when their ire is roused. White coloured, often with blue pigments, these dragons are truly legendary creatures, able to do battle with even Greater Daemons and emerge victorious.

Ontop of this, there are 3 other characteristics:

  • Fire Dragons are the most common and therefor the most feared. They obviously breathe flames
  • Ice Dragons live in the coldest parts of the world. Often silver, blue and white colored. They breathe super cold frost that freezes all.
  • Storm Dragons are the rarest of all. Using the effects of a storm (hence the name) such as lightning. 

Notable DragonsEdit

Sunlathir wiki

Sunlathir, size comparison to a Dark Elf.

Among the famous dragons are:
  • Kalgalanos the Black, said to be the father of all dragons, his spawn having all colours under the sun.
  • Graug the Terrible, Dwarf Slayer, the greatest of all dragons. He destroyed the last dwarven defenders at Karak Azgal and made the throne room his golden nest, gathering all the gold and jewels from Karak Azgal. Graug hunted other treasures as far as Bretonnia. Many treasure hunters were killed, but Graug was eventually defeated by the dwarf Skalf Dragon Slayer, who became the new Lord of Karak Azgal.
  • Skaladrak Incarnadine, Graug's mother, who tormented the lands around Karak Kadrin (1420 Imperial Calendar).
  • Galrauch, first of the Chaos Dragons. Ridden by the Elf Prince Learfin at Aenarion's side during his battle against Chaos, Galrauch devoured the Greater Daemon of Tzeentch. The Daemon corrupted Galrauch and the mighty dragon turned against the elves. After Aenarion defeated the hordes of Chaos, Galrauch fled and slept for centuries. Once in a while, he returns to spread mayhem. He killed King Thurgrim Rockarm and his kin and destroyed the city of Languerre de Lac.
  • Indraugnir, Aenarion's noble dragon sacrificed his life in service of the Pheonix King.

Dragons in WAREdit

These Dragons appear in WAR.

Tome UnlocksEdit

Dragon tome wiki

Dragon picture in the Tome of Knowledge.

Task Rewards Order Text Destruction Text
Encounter a Dragon XP:84 N/A
Kill 25 Dragons XP:204 N/A
All That Remains Title: Fireborn, XP:336 Thunder Mountain: Find a specific item.
Kill 100 Dragons XP:500 N/A
Kill 1,000 Dragons Item: Mantle of the Fireborn N/A
 ???  ???  ???  ???

Tome TextEdit

Dragons are enormous and awe-inspiring creatures that live for centuries, growing more powerful as they age. Few folk have laid eyes upon a Dragon, though the Elves seem to have a greater kinship with the massive reptiles than any other race, perhaps due to their similarly lengthy life spans.

Many Dragons are aloof at best and disdainful at worst when it comes to the younger races of the world. They are capricious in this regard, sometimes opting to involve themselves in the affairs of men. At other times, they are content to sit back and do nothing.

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