Down in Da Slop III

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Down in Da Slop III

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Dregrot
End Belchgut
Previous Down in Da Slop II


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Dis here is some of da best belchin' stuff my gits make. Grumlok hisself drank some an' didn't rip no one's arms off! No, it ain't got any teef in it, you think I's crazy?

Don't worry 'bout dat. I's gonna keep da teef safe for him. You just give dis to dregrot an he won't fink of anyfing but belchin'

Particulars Edit

  • Take Belchgut's vile-smelling brew to Dregrot on Lobber Hill.

Requirements Edit

  • Speak to Dregrot

Rewards Edit

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