Down in Da Slop II

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Down in Da Slop II

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Belchgut
End Belchgut
Previous Down in Da Slop
Next Down in Da Slop III


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Da boyz wot come 'ere ain't lookin fer nuffink but a good slop. My Gobbos make da belchin' stuff, but they know better than ta take da teef of a Bloody Sun Boy. If Dregrot's missin'his teef, he can come down here an' look for dem hisself!

No, i got a better idea. You root through da piles for a few fings, an' we'll make Dregrot somefink wot'll make him forget all about dem stupid teef o' his.

Particulars Edit

  • Interact with the Slop Piles and Squig Corpses nearby Belchgut to search for things Belchgut can use to make a special drink for Dregrot
  • Return to Belchgut in Da Slop when done.

Requirements Edit

  • Stunty Boot 0/1
  • Dead Squig Bits 0/1
  • Dregrot's Teef 0/1

Rewards Edit

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