Down in Da Slop I

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Down in da Slop

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Dregrot
End Belchgut
Next Down in Da Slop II


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An Orc ain't no Bloody Sun Boy wifout his teef. I kept mine in a nice squig-mouth pouch, but dey ain't there no more

Not da teef in my skull, you git! Da ones i use for tradin'!

That Belchgut must have taken dem when we was brawlin' Go over there an' get dem back! Or else i might not be so 'appy, an' I might start takin' yer teef!

Particulars Edit

  • Travel east from the campfire on Lobber Hill and find da Slop pit
  • Speak to Belchgut to see if he'll give you Dregrot's teef.

Requirements Edit

  • Speak with Belchgut

Rewards Edit

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