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Dork Redeye

Born and raised in the underground hell of Crookback mountain that Vorag bloodytooth, W'soran, and many Strigoi who had joined in Vorags rebellion against Ushoran. As the war against Ushoran and Neferata dragged on W'soran required more slaves and material to build his armies.  His servants went out and enslaved tens of thousands of humans, goblins, and orcs.  All were dragged back in chains to the great mountain to work and die in the darkness.  There in the pits below the vampire fortresses Dork  emerged from the secret mushroom birthplaces of the mines.  He was rasied in a hellish world of endless toil cruel undead taskmasters and the eventual fate of enslavement as undead servents for eternity.  Here in an unending nightmere Dork emerged as his peoples champion.  Exposed since birth to the warpstone mined in the depths of Crookback Mountain Dork gained great magical strength.  Eventually he broke free with a band of fellow orcs and led an rebellion againest his undead masters.  Eventually breaking free of the mines and led a great waaaagh againest the kingdom of Strygos.   

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