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The Doomstrikers are to be Dwarven weapons of power rivaling those made by the ancestor smiths of old. The High King has named them this way, for they would be the doom of the Greenskins. The finest Runesmiths and Forgemasters in all the Worlds Edge Mountains have been gathered together to craft these weapons. These weapons will not only deal death but High king Thorgrim hopes can also be a powerful symbol for dwarves everywhere to rall y behind and throwback the forces of evil.

To ensure their quality and might, only the finest ores, gold and gems are to be used in their making. To gather these precious resources, the Dwarfs will have to travel to some of the most dangerous places in the Old World. Only Dwarfs of exceptional skill and courage are fit for such a task, and so the High King decreed the founding of a new regiment, which he called the Oathbearers. As a reward for their bravery and dedication, the High King promised that when the Doomstrikers were finished, it would be the Oathbearers who carried them into battle at the head of the Dwarf army.

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